ALL ITEMS SAY SHIPPING TIME!. if your order contains something that takes longer with something that ships in a few days the full order will most likely take longer although some items in the order may come separate! (All info is without shipping delays, business days and holidays. Different things like Christmas rushes with the post office can delay shipping on custom made items.


We are also not responsible for any lost or stolen packages, items include usps or. ups insurance so you can call the shipping provider for a refund (check if your shipping carrier was different), non fraudulent chargebacks are unacceptable and will always have evidence sent it.

Customer service contact options- email ( phone (770-779-6430) phone number can be called or texted, text preferred as you will get an answer quicker. Please try not to email to much so we can see everything and get back to everyone faster!

All emails and texts will be replied to in under 48 hours calls may take longer.